On a blazing hot February Sunday, a gathering of over 25 vehicles ranging from 1925 to 1989 vintage descended upon the our Clubrooms for the Chairman’s Rally, organized by John Foster.

With several cups of tea and coffee consumed, we all hit the road just before 10:30. The route chosen took us out through the west of Timaru, and through the scenic Rosewill and Levels valley areas to reach Pleasant Point where – with the sun able to fry an egg on black paintwork, and all hooded vehicles soon with hoods down – a compulsory Ice-Cream stop was had by a few members.

After Pleasant Point it was a trip through Waitohi to reach Te Moana and the Woodbury hinterlands, where for part of the route, John had us heading up into the hills beyond the township – through the gravel road dust from cars in front we could see a great view of the Geraldine region. The end venue for the run was at the Woodbury Domain, a great sun-filled tree-lined setting for a picnic, right beside the township.

It was certainly a surprise to the domains’ visitors – including a highway patrolman ‘on the beat’ and a number of buses turned motorhomes – seeing the older vehicles present on the domain filling the spaces, and it did not take long for a number of vehicles to have their bonnets up – for show and tell reasons – vehicles of note including John Foster’s 1934 Rolls Royce, Dave Diamond’s Rosebowl winning 1939 Ford V8, and Dave Roddick’s ‘acquired the day before from Hinds Garage’ project, a 1954 Daimler Conquest. Interestingly several ‘two of a kinds’ were seen parked beside each other – Morris Minors, Ford Anglia 105E, and 1938 Chevrolet Master 4-doors being examples. Thankyou John, for organizing a interesting run.

Shannon Stevenson